A New Reality

We have never lived through a world-wide crisis – pandemic of this kind before. Being restricted at home is an uncomfortable reality because we are out of our normal routine. We are scared and if we have kids that are old enough to understand, we have to help them through their fears too. If we are lucky to still have our parents, then we have their health to worry about on top of everything else.

This is tremendous on all and we may become stir crazy. Keeping ourselves busy is the way to keep your fears at bay while keeping up with the news about the Coronavirus. Easier said than done.

I am an extrovert, for me that means I need to get out. So far, I can go out, but my daughter is deadly afraid of me getting you know what, because I am in my sixties. So it’s almost like she is my strict regulator and I stay in because I can’t take the look in her eyes when she pleads for me to follow her wishes.

Meanwhile, I have four garden beds that my husband and I have started, that helps a lot. I also have my flower garden, one in front and one in back and my kitchen window garden as well as many, many home projects-that’s the harder thing for me. 

I think about how this pandemic has changed life to a stop of freedom for safety. With as much trouble as I can have with technology, thank goodness we have it, because we really would go stir crazy. Watching the same news everyday is harsh on the ears, but I am grateful for the information I learn, because I need to know what is out there to know how long this will go on to control my anxiety.

I am also overwhelmed by the acts of kindness that are occurring around our country, it brings me tears, partly because it brings such warmth to my heart and partly because I cannot volunteer, the daughter thing. I wonder about everyone who has to learn how to create their lessons
online and remember many who are great teachers, but not tech savvy. I wonder about all those employees who have to work at home, about the medical staffs trying to take care of patients, and needing to take care of themselves and about the services that never stop like the post office.
I think about so many situations that bring hardship and especially those who are not able to bring their job home, thus, no pay. 

I am glad the government is informing and working to not let things go chaotic and giving us reasons as to why something has to be as such. I like hearing we have enough, you don’t have to hoard. 

I do worry about those with mental health. It is hard enough for every one of us as it is and those with great anxiety are the ones who may find it hardest to keep calm. I just hope they have someone to confide with who can help them. 

Hopefully, this pandemic will be under control by the end of May. I will not be able to tolerate any longer than that. Read my frustration below.

At Home

Whoa! Life has come to a stop,
a very unusual stop. 

I am at home, worried about COVID-19.
I am thinking, no I can’t get COVID-19.

I have a weak immune system.
Damn weak immune system.

Extrovert is my personality.
I am so glad I have this personality.

Therefore, this Stay at Home is very difficult.
Living without hugs is very difficult.

Thank you to all the people who continued to work.
They are our heroes committed to helping others through their work.

As we continue to progress through this pandemic,
may it be the last time our kids live through a pandemic.

Whoa! Life has come to a stop,
a very unusual stop.

Writing will continue to express all of our emotions,
because this pandemic brings strong emotions.

So here I am at home, where life has stop.
Home sweet home.

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