No Matter the Season

   Summer, summer, hot, hot, summer,
   making leaves as green as green can be.
   Swimming at the lake, a favorite thing to do,
   cools me into a blissful state.​​

   Quiet, quiet autumn brings a change of heart.
   Restful evening with a soft cool breeze 
   relaxes my being.
   My eyes rest upon colorful landscapes 
   and reaffirms my love for this season.​  

​   Sweaters to keep me warm, 
   hot chocolate to put me in a cozy state.
   Always do I find myself wondering about 
   all of the tiny seeds in the deep cold ground. 
   Each one a marvel waiting to happen.

   The morning breeze blows across my face 
   reminding me of the love I have for life,
   this early spring day.  
   Later, sweet rainwater pours on my garden 
   creating miracles, dressing my heart with hope.

   No matter the season, I am filled with peace.

                                               -Antonia Murguia​                         

Affected Children

People protesting, standing up for their rights,
but he pushed on with his agenda,
promoting that this was the way 
to make America Great Again.
He did not care of consequences,
he just blurted out what he felt. 
In schools, teachers found it difficult
in deciphering dictator and president by his actions.
He was always in the news.
The children asked questions about
what they heard, trying to understand
this new president and all the hoopla.
One inquisitive child stated, 
“‘He doesn’t like my family.” 
“How do you know that?” asked his teacher
"Because he wants to take my father 
and send him away from us.”
“He wants to do that with all the 
people who are brown like me.”
“I am so sorry,” stated the teacher,
she did not know how to explain
this complicated issue to her students.
“Why doesn’t he like us?”
The teacher wondered how many
other teachers struggled with 
explaining this president’s actions
affecting their students.

Thank Goodness  for  Spring

Thank goodness for green buds.
Thank goodness for baby birds.
Thank goodness for  fresh breeze.
Thank goodness for renewed hope.
Thank goodness for Spring.

    I AM

   I am now who I am 
   because of the consequences in my life.
   I am a product of my experiences good and bad.
   I exist to give my love to you always.
   I still learn from the actions of others around me; 
   but it is your love for me that gives me strength
   to open my eyes tomorrow. 

Toni's Treasures

My Valentine Haiku

Hot days and cold days

Your love for me will always

bring me very great joy.

My head is pounding.
Who invented these migraines?
Where is my coffee?


                                      Symphony Love

   The conductor had energy raging from his entire body.
   Each section playing its own notes to make a symphonic sound.

   I wondered what the life of a musician would be
   as I sat and listened and wished I could be up there. 
   But life has its own rules and leads us to fates unknown.

   I could hear the horns playing some of my favorite notes,
   Reminding me of the days my son would come home and practice;
   Opening my memories to his graduation, such a wonderful day in our lives.

   I always like the way each section would start and end at precisely the same moment.
   Such discipline to be able to work as a whole, yet all using different instruments.

   I had brought my daughter with me.
   I turned to look at her and she smiled in appreciation.
   I knew she truly appreciated this night.
   I felt blessed that we could share this together.

   As the next piece began, I closed my eyes 
   to let the symphonic sounds enter my soul, to remember this moment.
   I closed my eyes and smiled, yes, I love the symphony. 

​​                                                                                                           -Antonia Murguia

        Hoping for a Sale

   Cool morning
   Garage sale
   Hopes of selling
   Laying out the stuff
   Have change to give
   Here comes the first customer
   $2.00 sale
   That’s a start
   Big sales
   Little sales
   Sun now shining everywhere
   Whoa! Getting hot
   How much have we made
   That’s not bad
   I think it’s lunch time 
   Can’t eat now
   More customers
   Can’t believe I sold that
   Some items never get touched
   Everyone’s looking for a bargain
   A quiet moment
   Sitting in the shade feels good
   Nice breeze to move the heat
   Thank you, Mother Nature
   Oh, another customer
   Back out in the sun.​

There was a young woman named Terri
who lived with her dogs and her cat
and a man whose name was Dan.
She went in for surgery and came out just fine,
but we can’t say the same for Dan!

                  No Sure Way to Know

   Warning winter advisory, today, tomorrow.
   Is there any heat to borrow?
   Nature’s called a hard winter blast.
   Arctic winds declare a broadcast,
   Bringing along ample white snow.

   I looked outside, my garden rows,
   Drooping leaves unable to grow.
   My green, green garden, now harassed.
   Warning winter advisory.

   Ice slippery like sharp arrows.
   Nature’s acting so, so callow,
   Spreading winter’s headstrong forecast.
   How long will this freezing weather last?
   There is just no sure way to know!
   Warning winter advisory.

​                                             -Antonia Murguia

Late At Night

     Late at night
     when I should be dreaming,
     when my eyes should be closed,
     I force myself to stay awake.
     Though my eyes pray for sleep,
     my mind fights to keep focused.
     Please, I plea to myself,
     there is so much to do.
     My mind swimming from one thought to another,
     from yesterday to today to tomorrow
     with pain in my back, my shoulders, even my feet,
     stress driving pain to my eyes, 
     my eyelids crying for sleep,
     sweet, sweet sleep.
     I long to capture a dream, 
     of resting under summer shade 
     with a soothing breeze
     to make me feel like I am in heaven.
     But no, I must not sleep.  
     I still have too much to process, 
     though my eyes continue to cry, 
     Pleeease, let me sleep. 

​                                             -Antonia Murguia​​

​​The older I get,

I can feel the love of the earth.

One day we will become one. 

     Out of the Darkness Walk for Suicide Prevention

      I stepped out of the stadium
      my son on my mind,
      trying to contain my heart 
      from rupturing into a thousand pieces.
      I stepped out of the stadium
      with those who supported me. 
      As we returned,
      I feared the end of the walk
      when the balloons would be sent
      to our loved ones in heaven.
      I feared the emotion of power
      that everyone felt,
      a sense of brokenness,
      too hard to explain,
      too much loss to deal with at that moment.
      But deep inside, I knew I had to do this,
      deep inside, it was my responsibility
      to not let my son's death be in vain.



                     Our Hearts Are Broken

  Tragedy has struck us,
  our emotions stabbed with shock.
  Officer Benjamin Marconi killed in the line of duty,
  taken in a senseless act of cowardice.
  Our city is in an emotional roller coaster
  of death in our face. 
  I know this emotion only too well,
  I feel the brokenness of tragedy for his family
  and the family of SAPD.
  The days ahead are cloudy 
  no matter how much the sun shines.   
  We are covered in a blanket of mourning
  trying to make sense of senseless,
  for there is no comfort to make things better.
  We are called to be strong when broken.
  We are called to support and care for each other
  even though we know not what to do 
  to stop the pain.
  We must give of ourselves 
  to Officer Marconi's family 
  and the SAPD family who knowingly
  put themselves in the line of danger 
  to protect you and me;
  yet who protects them?
  Our community must show 
  that we respect and love them
  as they, too, are fathers, mothers,
  sons and daughters.

  Tragedy has struck us,
  our emotions stabbed with shock
  and the crying won't stop inside.
                                       -2016 Antonia Murguia

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   Looking for a Stimuli

   Sunny days have gone awry.
   Not one cloud in the sky.
​   Day after day feels like July.
   Everything is so, so dry.
   I hope not to calcify,
   as I  look out to clarify,
​   If I could possibly identify
​   a rain cloud in the sky.

   Sunny days have gone awry.
   Don't get me wrong, I can't deny
​   sunny days qualify
   as the key to electrify
​   the day making the earth beautified,
   leaving me on an ultrahigh.
   Sometimes, though, we need a stimuli 
   that plays like a lullaby,
   namely that thing that falls from the sky.

   Sunny days have gone awry.
​   Hopefully, I will not cry,
   as I wait for rain, standing dignified.

​   Sunny days have gone awry.


             Heritage Defines Who We Are

 Hail to our ancestors for those birthright
Everlasting traditions bestowed upon us.
  Righteous values, liberties granted, 
    Intoxicating freedom so many died for.
  Today and tomorrow will we always honor with
  Admiration to those whom have come before us.
    Grateful are we to have been blessed, we 
    Embrace our traditions with joy.

Dialogue of triumphants and struggles,
  Ebb and flow of life,
 Forever creating stories; our ancestors had
 Impressive ways of living and celebrating life.
 Now we benefit from their lives, their values,
 Events that have taught us their
   Service to living a strong life for their families.

 Warriors trying to live their lives as
 High-spirited people who give of themselves,
Only wanting a decent existence. 

We will always thank our ancestors. 
 Every day, we remember who they were.

   Ancestors always creating traditions, 
 Ready now, will we always be,
   Eager to teach our children, our heritage.

                                                    -Antonia Murguia