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Toni's Treasures

Toni's Treasures is the name of my business.  It is a place that you will find my poems and other items that I produce.  

Toni's Treasures specializes in personal poetry which is a Specialized Poem that has personal events, names, or list of activities that the customer wants to converse in a poem for someone special.  A call is all that is needed to get  started with the development  of  a Specialized Poem.  This kind of poem become a lifetime treasure for the recipient. 

​​   ​  I am Toni. My formal  name is Antonia Salinas  Murguia.  

     I am a poet, educator, and artist.  I am also a mother,    

     daughter, sister, and friend.  I  live  in San  Antonio,

     Texas with my spouse and daughter.   

     I am a free spirit.  I try to see the good in people and   

     I love children.  My poetry truly comes from the heart.  

     I am currently working on a second book  about my grief    

     journey after losing my son.  I have  published  Walking In  

    the Footsteps of Faith.  I am also published in Agave, A

    Celebration of Tequila,  Voices Across the River, and

    Inkwell Echoes.  

     I am a member of San Antonio Poets Association,        
    Galaxy of Verse, and Poetry Society of Texas.  I  am also
     a member of the
Alamo Poets of Texas where I am the             
Secretary. I hope you enjoy my website.  You may
contact me through email,  

    amurguia3@gmail.com or call me at 210 381-2289.


Contact me at  

email:        amurguia3@gmail.com

twitter:      @poetrybytoni

facebook:  Antonia Murguia

​cell:            210-381-2289